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posted by Kristopher on April 16th, 2014

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Your April members-only screening is ...Like Father, Like Son.



Japanese director Kore-eda Hirokazu (Nobody Knows) has been garnering festival prizes around the world for his touching family drama, Like Father, Like Son, winning the Jury Prize at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival and the Audience Award at both the 2013 San Sebastian and Vancouver Film Festival.


The film explores the complicated meaning of parenthood and the debate of 'nature' versus 'nurture' in child rearing. Hard-working and successful Ryota is forced to make a life-changing decision when he learns that his 6-year-old child was switched with another family at birth.


"5 Stars. A tender poem about the ebb and flow of paternal love." - The Telegraph


The screening takes place on Wednesday, April 30th at 7 PM at the Landmark Oriental Theatre. The film has a running time of 121 minutes.


RSVP HERE to reserve your spot for the screening. Space is limited and tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Reservations close at NOON on Tuesday, April 29th. No RSVPs will be taken after this time. If you do not receive a reply to your RSVP within 48 hours, please call me at 414-755-1965 x204. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line at


"Hey, Kristopher! What if I'm NOT a member, but I want to come to this and all subsequent screenings, and I want to get lots of great deals on festival tickets and merchandise, and--"  Whoa! Slow down, friend! I have just the solution. BECOME A MEMBER THIS VERY MINUTE and all your movie-related dreams will come true!


posted by Milan on April 15th, 2014

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Ladies and gentlemen, meet Ben Balcom, our new Technical Director.

Ben first joined our festival seasonal staff in 2011 as a projectionist. We liked him so much that we're keeping him around permanently! As Technical Director, he'll be responsible for making sure you get to experience every film at the festival with the best possible sound and projection. 

Born in Boston and raised in Illinois, Ben came to Milwaukee in 2011 to pursue an MFA in filmmaking at UWM. In addition to being our brand new staff member, Ben is also an associate lecturer at UWM, and curator of a small neighborhood screening space in Riverwest called Microlights, which specializes in underground and experimental cinema. And as if that weren't enough to do, he's also a filmmaker, whose film and video work addresses (in his words) "everything from metaphysics and the moon, to hand massages, and household objects. Its pretty weird." 

Welcome to the family, Ben!

posted by Cara on April 14th, 2014

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Today is Milwaukee Day (4/14) and one of the things we love most about about this city is the film work we get to show at our festival made by Milwaukee-area filmmakers of all ages. No, seriously, all ages. We even have a special showcase for films made by local youth under the age of 18. It's called the Milwaukee Youth Show, and if you're a young filmmaker under the age of 18 (or you know a young person who fits that description), we want your film!

The 2014 Milwaukee Film Festival is now accepting submissions for films for The Milwaukee Youth Show until June 23. The Milwaukee Youth Show is our showcase of short film (20 minutes or shorter) made by young filmmakers from Milwaukee, Waukesha, Racine, Kenosha, Ozaukee, Walworth, or Washington counties. The films must have been written, directed, and produced by young people. (No helping, parents!) We accept all kinds of films—documentaries, fiction, animation, silent, music videos, PSAs and any other type of film you can imagine!

And the best part? It's free to enter!

You can get all the ins and outs about submitting your film here.

If your film is accepted into the festival, we will let you know no later than August 31, 2014. And if you have any questions, send them our way: We look forward to watching your film!


posted by Milan on April 10th, 2014

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The Raid 2 @ AMC Mayfair (Opens Fri, April 11) 
(Gareth Evans, Indonesia, 2014) 
To recap: the first Raid film found Rama (Iko Uwais) and his S.W.A.T. team fighting their way through an entire building (literally just one building) full of kicky, punchy gangsters and thugs. The second film takes place a mere two hours after the first one ended. Hopefully, Rama used those two hours to take a nap, because The Raid 2 doesn't slow down for a single minute. Amidst the series' trademark inventive, imaginative fight sequences is a plot that finds Rama going undercover within a crime syndicate in order to destroy it from the inside, while simultaneously uncovering rampant corruption within his own police force. If there's a Raid 3, can we set it a day or two after the second one, so Rama can get a decent night's sleep? 
Watch the trailer for The Raid 2 here.

Nymphomaniac Vol. I & II @ Oriental Theatre (Opens Fri, April 11) 
(Lars von Trier, USA, 2013) 
As star-studded as The Lego Movie, though wildly different in every other way, Lars von Trier's latest films revolve around a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac (Charlotte Gainsbourg) as she takes a walk down a very sexual memory lane with the man who just rescued her from a terrible beating. (He in turn tells her about his very non-sexual hobbies, because tit for tat, I guess.) Part one begins in her teenage years, while part two dips into the latter part of her life and what led to her being beaten and left in an alley. And this being a Lars von Trier film and all, there's no shortage of moments to challenge your comfort levels. 
Watch the trailer for Nymphomaniac Vol. I here.

Le Week-End @ Downer Theatre (Opens Fri, April 11) 
(Roger Michell, UK, 2013) 
After thirty years together, Nick and Meg's marriage could use a bit of reinvigoration. And so, to celebrate their 30th anniversary, they return to the city they honeymooned in all those many years ago: Paris, France. And while things don't necessarily go as planned once there, bumping into a former student of Nick's (Jeff Goldblum!) leads to a romantic renaissance for the aging couple. 
Watch the trailer for Le Week-End here.


Hateship Loveship on VOD (Fri, Apr 11)
Joe on VOD (Fri, Apr 11)
Big Bad Wolves @ UWM Union Theatre (Fri - Sun, April 11 - 13)
Trouble Every Day @ UWM Union Theatre (Sat & Sun, April 12 & 13)
The Trials of Muhammed Ali on PBS Independent Lens (Mon, Apr 14 @ 9p)
Philomena on DVD (Tue, Apr 15)
Slavery By Another Name @ Villard Square (Tue, Apr 15 @ 5:15p)
Documentary Frontiers: Northern Light @ UWM Union Theatre (Wed, April 16 @ 7:30p)

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posted by Kyle on April 9th, 2014

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Are you the type of person who likes creating order from chaos? Come take a dip in the world of non-profit accounting! 

Milwaukee Film is looking to hire a part time bookkeeping assistant beginning May 1. The position will require a strong attention to detail and experience in bookkeeping. Additionally, the position requires assistance with the day to day bookkeeping and of course, everyone's favorite, filing!


The position pays based on experience and will require 5-10 hours per week during regular business hours (flexible hours!). It also includes a staff pass as well as an additional pass so you and a friend can enjoy all of the 2014 Milwaukee Film Festival you can handle. 

Read the complete job description on our Jobs page, and apply today!